Monday, August 23, 2010

When did I become an adult?

It really hit home this weekend.

A friend and I wanted to take a quick trip to NYC to see a show, but we didn't want to pay for a hotel, so we caught a 3:30 am bus out of DC. It dropped us off at Penn Station with just enough time to grab a quick breakfast before hitting the theater to pick up our tickets. (Being a student is the best - second row seats for $27!!) We spent a couple hours just wandering around Central Park before our matinee, which is when the sleep deprivation started to kick in. In my anxiety to not miss our ridiculously early bus, I hadn't slept the night before, and I definitely didn't sleep on the bus. Luckily the show was fabulous enough that I stayed awake, but I was more than ready to crash when we boarded the bus back to DC at 7:30 pm. A couple big discoveries: First, a trip like this would have been no big deal in college. I didn't sleep much for those 4 years. Now, it was a little painful. Second, I love that I have friends that will still do crazy things like that with me, even if we pay dearly for it afterward.

Worth it? Absolutely. Bernadette "the BP that isn't destroying the planet" Peters and Elaine Stritch were brilliant in Sondheim's "A Little Night Music".

Other recent "Whoa. I'm really a adult" moments:

  • Dealing with identity theft
  • Actually owing taxes for the first time
  • Getting called "Ms Chamberlain" every day for 3 years
  • Choosing to stay home on a Friday night because I was too tired from the week.
  • Replacing all the tires on my car
  • Road tripping to visit college friends with 2+ kids
  • Someone asked me last night how long I'd been playing the piano. And I realized the answer was TWENTY years. Holy cow.
  • I am a "former" teacher
  • Cody's wedding & Michael's graduation
  • Paying for my own insurance
Maybe going back to school will make me feel more like a kid? Here's hoping...


Joel Hugentobler said...

Hah those are all great ones!

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